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70s Dj

70s Dj – At Canberra DJ Hire, we have an extensive 70’s music collection that will make your Event Fun.

70s DJ

In the mid to Late 70s there was an explosion in disco party’s and these first days of disco were a boom time for the mobile 70s DJ.

70s Party DJ -Its Disco music that most people will think of as 70s music and the 1970s was the decade of disco dance classics but also some some great glam rock and pop.

Got a dose of Saturday night fever? Canberra Dj Hire will take you back to a time when disco music and the Bee Gees were unstoppable. It must be the 70s DJ.

Almost all 70s DJs used a combination of belt drive turntables and a tape deck.

However some 70s records have stood the test of time well and every 70s DJ  knows which ones have a good chance of filling a dance floor at a wedding or family function today. The obvious example would be ABBA but there are many other less well known tracks that can help the 70s DJ build the dance floor action.

Funky floor filling 70s disco dance classics played by experienced 70s DJ Party DJ.

We play disco, glam rock and the top party pop from the 70s. Mainstream disco became a phenomenon when in 1977 the film Saturday Night Fever was released.

Wearing a white suite with waistcoat was super cool and everyone wanted to get down on the dance floor.

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70s DJ

70s DJ