Musical Trivia

Have You Considered a Music Trivia Night For Your Next School or Club Function?

Table against Table
Great for Schools & Clubs
Dancing Through the Night
Great for Fundraising Night

Discover how a Music Trivia Night can work for you

Incorporates your trivia night into a successful fundraising event
Creates friendly competition and fun atmosphere
Encourages interaction, involvement and participation
Prizes awarded at your discretion
Let you hair down… dance and party for the rest of the night

Your Guests Don’t Know Each Other Well, and You Need Something to Encourage Interaction
You are a member of an organising committee arranging a social and fundraising event for the kindergarten or school council. You know it’s going to be hard getting people to come along because they may not know many others… and you need to create a social structure where these people can feel comfortable and have a semi structured environment to meet and talk to other people.

The Music Trivia Night works no matter what situation you are in

An Outline of How Your Music Trivia Night Will Work

Your DJ/MC will arrive and set up 45 minutes before people are due to arrive
The DJ plays background music as people arrive. After everyone has arrived they will be seated for the quiz to begin
The quiz is conducted over 12 rounds which are grouped together in 3-4 rounds at a time allowing for fundraising activities to be conducted in between
Guests are can dance before the last round of the quiz
After the quiz you can have a great disco with impressive sound and lighting to keep that party going.
Tips for your Music Trivia Night
For best results you will be aiming to have 100 people or more at your event
Everyone needs to be accommodated at a table
Consider that a good supply of finger food throughout the night may be better than a sit down meal
Consider your fundraising activities and prepare them well before the event (including prizes)